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December 02, 2014Proof of Overtime Hours Required for Award of Unpaid Wages
November 24, 2014Employers Must Consider Job Restructuring During Interactive Process
November 21, 2014Company Succeeds in Bias Suit Despite Manager’s Age-Based Comments
November 18, 2014No Constructive Discharge, No Age Bias Verdict for Insurance Workers
November 07, 2014Court Refuses to Impute Knowledge of Pro-Union Activity
November 03, 2014Employers Must Give Actual Notice of Tip Credit
October 27, 2014Retaliation Claim Related to Untimely Bias Charge Goes Forward
October 17, 2014Worker Jointly Employed by Three Companies Covered by FMLA
October 10, 2014Prompt Response to Alleged Harassment Averts Liability
October 03, 2014Drug-Testing Policy for Prescription Meds May Not Violate ADA
September 25, 2014California FedEx Drivers Were Employees, Not Independent Contractors
September 22, 2014Employer May Require Psychological Examination
September 14, 2014ERISA Fiduciaries Liable Absent ‘Objective Prudence’
September 08, 2014Penalty Properly Imposed For Failure to Provide COBRA Notice
September 02, 2014Regular Mail May Not Be Sufficient for Delivery of FMLA Notice

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