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August 21, 2014Entry-Level Accountants Exempt Under FLSA’s Professional Exemption
August 14, 2014Franchisor Not Joint Employer Under FLSA
August 07, 2014Employer Decides Whether Employee’s Alcoholism Is Current
August 04, 2014Employer Had Duty to Disclose Ongoing Merger Talks
July 24, 2014FMLA Does Not Necessarily Require Disclosure of Return Date
July 16, 2014Jury Service Must Be ‘But For’ Cause of Employment Termination
July 10, 2014Discharging Firearm on Employer Premises Not a Protected Right
July 02, 2014Conflicting Performance Evaluations Can Interfere with Performance-Based Terminations
June 26, 2014Exercising Discretion in Funding Plan Does Not Give Employer Fiduciary Status
June 19, 2014Dodd-Frank Doesn’t Nix Arbitration Pact Governing Employment Claims
June 13, 2014Two Remarks Insufficient to Demonstrate Discrimination and Retaliation
June 06, 2014Tax Preparers Not Entitled to Compensation for Professional Education Courses
May 30, 2014Court Revives Third-Party Harassment Claim
May 27, 2014Inconsistent Discipline Can Lead to Finding of Pretext
May 15, 2014Telecommuting Is Reasonable Accommodation Under ADA

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