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November 16, 2016Blanket Ban on Union Solicitation in Mixed-Use Areas Prohibited
November 16, 2016I-9 Violations Can Be Costly for Employers
November 09, 2016Employers and Visa Applicants May Challenge H-1B Lottery Process
November 03, 2016Employees’ TV Interview Is Protected Speech
November 02, 2016Compensable Meal Breaks Can’t Offset Owed Pay
October 19, 2016Honesty Is Best Policy when Defending Employment Discrimination Claims
October 19, 2016Thorough Investigation into Sex Harassment Complaint Provides Key Defense
October 05, 2016Retaliation Claim Proceeds When Evidence Allegedly Was Manufactured
September 28, 2016Work Transferred to Mexico Must Be Returned Stateside
September 02, 2016Executive Overtime Exemption Classification Upheld
August 31, 2016Inconsistent Reasons for Termination Revive ADA Claim
August 24, 2016Sexual Orientation Is Still Not a Protected Class Under Title VII
August 10, 2016Police Officers Can Blow the Whistle on Local Government
August 03, 2016Fire Captains Are Entitled to Overtime
July 27, 2016Texas’ Challenge of EEOC Guidance on Criminal Background Checks Advances

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