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March 27, 2014Challenge to Retirement Plan's Investments Barred
March 19, 2014Employee May Choose Not to Use FMLA Leave
March 14, 2014Reformation of Retirement Plan Does Not Require Showing of Actual Harm
March 06, 2014Employer Did Not ‘Clearly and Unmistakably’ Agree to Arbitrate Dispute
February 26, 2014$1.6 Million Racial-Harassment Verdict Overturned for Insufficient Evidence
February 21, 2014Temporary Impairment May Be ‘Disability’ Under ADA
February 13, 2014Employer on Notice of Employee’s Medical Condition Should Proceed Cautiously
February 10, 2014Mistreated Employee Fails to Prove Discrimination
January 27, 2014Bipolar Employee Allegedly Urged to Quit Cannot Pursue ADA Claim
January 17, 2014Attorney Fees Award 25 Times Greater than Damages Upheld
January 13, 2014Female Engineer Paid Less than Men Lacks Triable Gender-Bias Claim
December 19, 2013Section 1981 Protects Employee Witness in Employer’s Internal Bias Investigation
December 12, 2013Reduction of Retroactively Granted Banked Hours Violates ERISA
December 02, 2013Donning and Doffing Claims Not Defeated by Absence of OSHA Mandate
November 22, 2013HR Comments About Employee's ‘Shelf Life’ Insufficient to Establish Age Bias

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