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February 20, 2015Termination for Unauthorized Breaks Not FMLA Retaliation
February 12, 2015FLSA Claim Proceeds Where Supervisor Knew Employee Underreported Hours
February 06, 2015Restrictions Do Not Automatically Make Meal Breaks Compensable
January 29, 2015 Admissions About Disability Precluded ADA Claim
January 22, 2015No ADA Claim Where Employee Quit
January 15, 2015Punitive Damages Available Without Compensatory Damages
January 09, 2015Whistle-Blowers Must Arbitrate Under Dodd-Frank
January 09, 2015No Proof of Causation Doomed Employee’s Retaliation Claims
December 31, 2014Pension Plan Participants Entitled to Benefits
December 31, 2014Overtime Claim Must Assert at Least One Specific Violation
December 02, 2014Proof of Overtime Hours Required for Award of Unpaid Wages
November 24, 2014Employers Must Consider Job Restructuring During Interactive Process
November 21, 2014Company Succeeds in Bias Suit Despite Manager’s Age-Based Comments
November 18, 2014No Constructive Discharge, No Age Bias Verdict for Insurance Workers
November 07, 2014Court Refuses to Impute Knowledge of Pro-Union Activity

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