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July 06, 2016Single Department Within Macy’s Is a Bargaining Unit
June 29, 2016Arbitration Agreement’s Collective-Action Waiver Unenforceable
June 20, 2016Employer Lawfully Refused to Bargain with Union
June 08, 2016Refusal to Hire After Positive Pre-Employment Drug Screen May Violate ADA
May 25, 2016Temporary Assignment of Worker with Disability to Light Duty OK
May 18, 2016Pregnancy Discrimination Claim Reversed
May 04, 2016Court Upholds Football Players’ $1 Billion Settlement with NFL
April 28, 2016Day Care Liable for Unpaid Overtime, as Calculated by the DOL
April 28, 2016Compensable Time Limited to Terms of Collective Bargaining Agreement
April 21, 2016Handwritten Settlement Agreement Is Enforceable
April 13, 2016RIF Age Discrimination Claim Advances to Trial
April 05, 2016EEOC May Sue Without Attempting to Conciliate Individual Claims
March 30, 2016Driving May Not Be Essential Job Function of Traveling Salesperson
March 23, 2016Fired Female Health Technician Has Triable Sex Bias Claim
March 17, 2016Indirect Evidence of Bias Enough to Send Sex Discrimination Claim to Trial

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