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October 02, 2015Change in Layoff Decision Requires Trial in FMLA Case
October 02, 2015Deaf Worker’s ADA Claim Advances
September 24, 2015WARN Act Applies if Government Enforcement Action Is Foreseeable
September 11, 2015Evidence of Decision-Maker Bias Supports Age Discrimination Claim
September 03, 2015NLRB Order Unenforceable Due to General Counsel’s Unlawful Appointment
August 31, 2015Contract Lawyer May Be Entitled to Overtime
August 21, 2015Overtime Due Despite Conflicting Evidence
August 07, 20156th Cir.: Termination Partly Based on Protected Complaints May Be Retaliation
July 31, 20154th Cir.: Employer’s Harassment Investigation Inadequate
July 24, 20152nd Cir.: Racial Bias of Person Recommending Tenure Denial Taints Decision
July 17, 20153rd Cir.: FMLA Allows Employee to Correct Deficient Medical Certification
July 14, 201511th Cir.: FMLA Certification Submitted After Discharge Basis for Claim
July 07, 20156th Cir.: Employee’s Testimony Alone Prevents Dismissal of Overtime Claim
June 25, 20158th Cir.: Inconsistencies Enough to Send FMLA Claims to Trial
June 18, 20152nd Cir.: Deaf Engineer Reasonably Accommodated with Sign Language Interpreters

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